Your turn to Shout back! I’m on a virtual quest for common Myths…

I’m currently working on new a couple new articles. One article, in particular,  I wanted to get some feedback from the people in AV. The article I’m working on is about common myths or lies in the AV Industry. What I am looking for are examples of the following:

  • Career path myths such as a Good AV Tech will Make a Good AV Project Manager
  • There is a “Supertech” in every company. Ironically “Supertech” is permanently locked into that role for the rest of  their career….are you “Supertech”?
  • Are on site AV technology managers still viewed as “TV Cart Pushers” or the “high school AV Squad” by AV Companies, Corporations or IT groups.
  • Are the AV & IT groups really coming together or is the “great convergence” just specific to hardware & network. Are there still visible lines “drawn in the sand” when it comes to roles & accountability?

I can understand how people may feel uncomfortable placing their stories in the comments section so feel free to contact me via email at or we can set up a call to discuss.

Thanks again and I look forward to your feedback.


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