REDBAND: WTF? CEDIA Invites Nest CEO as Keynote Speaker?!? by John Sciacca

Like many of you, I received a postcard from CEDIA the other day getting me pumped for the 2013 EXPO.

Honestly, not much pumping is required. I love the EXPO. And by “love” I mean I frickin’ love the EXPO.

Also, the EXPO is moving back to Denver this year which I think sent a chorus of collective, “Praise be!” throughout the entire CEDIA membership and press corps. CEDIA in Denver is just awesome. The weather is great, the city is clean, it’s easy to walk and get around and there is an awesome baseball stadium right in the downtown! (Note to manufacturers: If you are hosting any events that involve seeing the Rockies playing, I am totally in. Consider this a firm Sciacca + 1.)

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