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Here is my first of many posts for Commercial Integrator…

“In our industry there are many dreaded terms. The term “EDID,” for one, is a major pain point for many site technicians, engineers and manufacturers. As much as the term drums up memories of discontent, there is one term in our industry that strikes defeat, fear and self-doubt amongst many. That term is “Value Engineering.” Wikipedia defines value engineering as “a systematic method to improve the ‘value’ of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost.” Sounds great! So why do we hate hearing about it?…”

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  1. Mystery Man says:

    Implicit in the term “value engineering” is the belief that the original design team was incompetent when it comes to some aspect of quality, cost, or schedule- coupled with some hero complex snake oil peddler conjuring up a last minute miracle panacea cure.
    “Indeed, Behringer is an excellent replacement for the SSL console and the differences are insignificant”, might be a telltale clue.
    Often what it really boils down to is the facility owner overspent on another discipline or poorly estimated the project and is out of money.
    Unfortunately, low voltage electronic systems task last in the project cycle and tend to take the brunt of the value engineering hits.
    If the A/V integrator is three days late liquidated damages get threatened. If the dirt mover that started the project is three days late, no one really cares.
    It ain’t fair, but it ain’t going to change either.

  2. Andy Barys says:

    I had a customer recently try to convince me that a 15-pin VGA connection with Rapid Run cable is the only method needed for his companies expansion that included several conference rooms. It was not real difficult to explain and show him why he needed to include digital HDMI along with analog VGA. By just communicating with him in a respectful way, we ended up with a PO for over $100K which includes a complete Crestron Digital Media for all these rooms.

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