REDBAND: Reflections and Afterthoughts from the Live Podcast at Verrex By Jaclyn Puma


Coming from a business management background myself, I know firsthand that building strong employee morale is crucial to the success of any business. It helps create a sense of unity within a team that encourages progress and allows for minimal turnover. Tom Berry Jr. of the Verrex Corporation has created just such an environment for his team over in Mountainside, New Jersey. Verrex is a Commercial AV company that has been family owned and operated for over 60 years.

Walking through the halls of Verrex, photo after photo of the team’s personality and triumphs can be seen hanging on all the walls. Collages of large projects, team outings and photographs of the team working hard in their own office setting are amongst the many pictures displayed here. Tom likes to celebrate the successes of his employees on a personal level so a $2 million trophy was created where he adds the names of each person who hits the $2 million dollar mark and he exhibits this in the entryway for all to admire.

Concerned that the employees spent too much time at their desks and not enough time bonding with each other, Tom created a dining area set up to look like a 50’s diner for the team to have lunch in together. He even took the time to personally go out and choose different music genre posters to wallpaper the diner with. The most impressive “team building activity” that I witnessed was that 4 members of the Verrex team found that their combined talents were the making of a killer office band. They are even permitted to hold band practice in the Verrex warehouse after hours. How much easier is it to jam when all of your wiring is already right at your fingertips?

As a business owner and an employer, it is important to be approachable yet respected by the people who work for you. Study’s actually show that employees are motivated more by praise and value than by financial recognition. They will stay longer at a job where they feel important and significant, even to the highest level of leaders in their company. Before coming into the AV world, I was a Retail Sales Manager. While the hours were grueling and the pay was minimal, I was with that company for over 4 years because of how the executive team treated their employees. They were based out of California and still took the time and effort to get to know everyone at every store. I strived to do my best not because I had to (well yes I had to) but also because I wanted to make them proud. The same way that I’m sure Tom’s team wants to make him proud and help him and Verrex fulfill another 60 years in the AV community.



Jaclyn Puma is the Operations Manager at The Source Home Theater. She brings organization and structure to the company along with a strong background in both retail and customer service.  Connect with Jacyln on Twitter at @Thesourcehti

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