REDBAND: Taking Names and Saving Service Contracts by The Video Vandal

Taking Names and Saving Service Contracts by The Video Vandal


Video Vandal… hmmm (insert evil voice) Videeooo Vaandaallll. I think A/V Bounty Hunter is much better suited for a person of my caliber. Neto suggest Video Vandal as my shroud of secrecy. I should be grateful that he saved me from the grasp of Corporate the Hut and my entombment in the carbonite slab. I now may once again roam free and bring the battle to the next chapter of the saga where I land on technology planet populated by furry AV techs looking to fight the evil empire with Cables and Pliers. That said please join me as I fire my first volley.

MANAGED SERVICES…. AAhhh….Managed services sounds simple.  Actually it sounds like it takes care of itself doesn’t it. Well friend nothing could be further from the truth as a matter of fact it takes countless dedicated individuals to ensure that large networks of videoconference end points are in a constant state of ready. The individuals who are the first line of defense are Tier 1 supports. The grunts.  Sounds Easy? But let me tell you a thing or three about the skill set that one must have to get this done.

  • First and foremost is the ability to remain calm and poised for action with your greatest asset at the ready while chaos and pandemonium reign supreme!
  • Second – You will walk into conference rooms and be received as the enemy. Regardless of your Cool tech Swag or Superhero styled gadget belt Your It! You’re the Saboteur! You were just left standing there while your friends rang your neighbor’s door bell and ran. That’s right you are the one responsible for the Panic that has been set off the room because the display did not switch to HDMI 1. I know it sucks but someone has to pay for this inexcusable failure. Nice to know to ya.
  • Third – You better know something other than your name and address when you walk in. Do not walk into a conference room without a good grasp of the problem and at least 3-4 possible ways to deal with it. You have 5 minutes to make your move and the clock started ticking 15 minutes before you walked in. Got it?  Now get in there and make us proud!

Onsite technicians have developed a thicker layer of skin. One that cannot be penetrated with your run of the mill shoulder fired trouble ticket machine. A site tech has to be smart, creative and technically proficient.  But if you do not have the stomach to have 50 sets eyes depending on you to disarm a Videoconference “bomb” then I’m sure there is plenty of work in calmer settings such as crab fishing on the Bering Sea.

Now how many of you still reading this can say they have walked into that room a la Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction and demand to be shown the car with a headless corpse?  You fear no gear and your greatest asset is the ability to remain as cool as “The Wolf” while re-establishing a bridged call with one arm tied behind your back and your gadget belt ringing off the hook.  If you’re that “Person” I guarantee that the you’re currently employed, underappreciated and will have no trouble find future work as “The Wolf” in any other organization.

Once the problem is resolved it’s back to the secret liar where your asked to Fill in Paperwork , reports, work orders, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Until the AV “signal” is lit again and your off and running. I’m shining that light onto the “tier 1” technicians that roam office buildings campuses across the world.  They are the unsung heroes who, without regard for themselves, walk into hostile territories to do the dirty work.  They are the true Account managers for the managed service contracts. They become the reason why contracts are renewed.

I may no longer fight the good fight on a daily basis but I surely have earned the “Street Cred” to say that Onsite technicians are different breed of Tech.  It’s not for everyone and not everyone can handle the job or do it right. So Rulers of the AV world take note. The little people in this industry do a lot with very little. We don’t demand respect; we earn it every day that we keep service contracts from falling into the abyss.

Yeahhhhh…. I went there.

Video Vandal.

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