REDBAND: A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots by John Sciacca

A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots by John Sciacca

…and a Jerk can’t change his true nature.

Many years ago, when young(er) John was just starting out in this home theater industry, he crossed paths with someone we’ll call Mr. Menace.

Menace was building a fairly large new home and expressed extreme interest in having all of the latest and coolest technology of the day: A dedicated media room with front projector, 7-channel surround and tiered seating, a golf simulator room, full housewide audio and lighting control.

His new home was located about 45-minutes (one-way) from our showroom, but that didn’t matter. This was a 6-figure job back when that really meant something, and young(er) John spared no amount of time when it came to doing the full-court hussle trying to win over Mr. Menace.

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John Sciacca started a personal blog back in 2010 which dared to ask the hard questions like, “Huh?” and “Whaa?” all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. His blog likes to make new friends and would love to have you over for some caramels. You can follow John Sciacca on Twitter @sciaccatweets  and at his personal blog



  1. Two reason, among many, for avoiding residential integration:
    1 – “Hey don’t walk on my carpet.”
    2 – Mr. Menace

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