REDBAND: Remember to Listen by Joshua Stackhouse

I remember it very well. It was the first time I had ever heard anything like it. It grabbed me. The sadness and grief. The raw emotion. The melancholy. It was blissful and radically different than the European pop and (what now is considered “classic”) Hip-Hop plastered all over the air waves. I could have been no older than 12 years old, yet I remember. I had never before experienced a musical composition that so powerfully captured my imagination. It was a virginal experience. I had never felt music before, I had only…listened. It would be many years later that, as my appreciation of music grew, that I would understand that what I had experienced that day in my youth was true listening. You may ask yourself what song could have this sort of influence on a young man? The answer is simple, it was Moonlight Sonata. A Mozart masterpiece whose influence has lasted me my lifetime thus far, and I firmly believe it will remain my favorite piece of music above all else for as long as I shall live.

What I experienced that day was the universality of music. It was my first taste of understanding the connectedness of our species through our creative voices. Across time and geography, languages, cultures and customs divide us, but only a few things have the universality of music. It is easy to partake of, and costs us little if anything. It can be as simply as a human voice or as complex as an orchestral arrangement. Nothing, except for maybe food and the act of eating, binds us together as a species like music. Music is simply an expression of the human experience and the emotions which come with it…

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