REDBAND RADIO’s New Top-Secret Podcast on August 6th (Spoiler Warning #AVTWEEPS)



For the Last Month have been working on ideas for the next REDBAND Radio podcast with AVNation. The first podcast was easy. Four REDBAND members at Infocomm and the thought of an unscripted, press “record and go” type show was hard to resist. I personally enjoyed sitting down with the “band” and talk AV. So what do we do for show #2 that would make it interesting, fun and possibly go where others have not?

In order to make some of our ideas a reality we created the REDBAND community page on Google+. I’m very proud to say that the community has grown quickly in a short period of time.  So with the Google community up and running I can now layout the details for the show that has been “in the works” and “under wraps”.

Tuesday August 6th REDBAND Radio will Broadcast Live from Verrex’s Corporate Headquarters and Yes Verrex knows we are coming. Verrex’s President CEO & Chairman Thomas Berry Jr. will sit in with the “band” to talk AV during the show. We will also have a musical guest. “The Verrex Band” will be performing Live on the show.

And the word “Live” is not being used lightly in this post. We will be recording for the podcast but we will be also be live on the REDBAND google+ community page.  In order to view you will need to have a Google+ account and join the community.  If you don’t have a google+ plus account…get one by Tuesday Evening to join! Once you have the account set up follow the link below to the REDBAND community:

We expect to go live between 6 and 7pm EST. I will definitely have more details on the community page along with details on how you can interact with us Live during the show. We’re confident that the show will be entertaining, informative and most of all fun.

So what’s next? We are already working on some more off the wall ideas. If you have an idea for the podcast or would like to join us on the next show please let me know.

Thanks again for taking time out to read our posts, listen to our podcasts and watch our videos.



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