REDBAND: My InfoComm 2013 Disappointments By Mike Brandes


Last week, I wrote about the best things I saw at InfoComm 2013. Today, the subject are a few duds, for me at least. These products aren’t necessarily poor products, but products that either are not fully ready for market, or not quite ready for any application of mine. It’s a short list, but it represents multiple manufacturers and vendors.

1. Enterprise level wireless display streaming

There are more than a few companies, AV or otherwise, offering solutions for “enterprise level” wireless desktop display. Some of the true AV heavyweights all the way to 802.11 wireless companies are offering software and hardware designed to allow users to wirelessly display their device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc) to projectors and flat panel displays. Obviously this represents a huge need in the AV market, specifically for me in Higher Education. Wireless display would be a huge boost for my conference rooms and boardrooms, since often these rooms don’t have any technology built into the existing tables. Unfortunately, the downside is these devices aren’t capable of handling high frame rate. Static content looks great, simple PowerPoint, SpreadSheets, word documents are exceptional. However, animation in powerpoint, youtube videos etc are all lacking at this time.

Exception: Barco Clickshare- Barco’s solution is great, it works well, handles higher frame rate than competitors; the only downside is for me it’s cost prohibited at an advertised price of $4900.00 per location.

2. Lampless Projectors

Managing technology in 100+ rooms across three campuses isn’t incredibly easy. Especially when dealing with projectors that are unmonitored, meaning they aren’t capable of reporting status or information back. I was really excited to see the evolution of lampless projection, this year, in hopes I could ditch my supply of extra lamps in favor of quality laser projectors. However, while there were more manufacturers and options this year for lampless projection, I was still incredibly underwhelmed. Great strides are being made in projectors to accommodate more ANSI lumen capabilities in a small chassis, however, the lampless projectors all seemed dim dull and lacking color profiles necessary to be useful in my applications. I’m really hoping to be able to migrate to lampless projectors one day, I’m just waiting for them to have more robust color, higher brightness and contrast and have crisper images.

What did you think?

Were there any products or ideas that stood out at this year’s InfoComm that might not be “completely ready”

Mike Brandes


Mike is an experienced audio video and information technology specialist, with 5 years experience in AV/IT, and previous experience in Pro Audio including full time touring experience. Mike is active in InfoComm, the Audiovisual Industry Association, and serves on the Technology Managers Council. Check out Mike’swebsite and Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Mark Coxon says:


    Agreed that wireless lag has always been a draw back of that technology. I still recommend hard-wired connections for everything, every chance that I get.
    Ditto on the lampless projectors. 1000 lumens or even 2500 in a well lit classroom on a 133″ screen just doesn’t do it, not enough contrast at that brightness in ambient light.
    I see it at my kids school with lamped projectors on Smart Boards ALL the time. Makes me want to go start adjusting the system every time I go for an open house. I resist somehow, LOL.
    Mark C

  2. Travis Mathna says:

    I disagree on the lamp less projectors. We started using the Panasonic lamp less projectors last year and I have been impressed with the brightness and color. And everyone on our campus so far that has seen them has liked them.

    • Mike Brandes says:

      Travis! Glad to hear the panasonic lampless projectors are working out for you. The units we demo’d from several manufacturers weren’t bright enough. We need to be pushing a minimum of 4000 ANSI lumens and still hold color depth and clarity for most of our applications. Lampless projectors WILL become an enterprise solution, they’re just not there at this moment. I look forward to both lampless projectors and wireless display progressing to the point where they’re ready to roll out in earnest.


  3. Jaime Rubio says:

    Glad to hear that someone is out there checking this technology, and keeping the AV world up to date, for those of us whom were not able to attend. Thanks for the info as I too am in higher learning field and looking for such technology.

    • Mike Brandes says:

      Thanks for reading the article, Jaime! Glad us REDBAND bloggers could be of assistance. We’ll be writing about a lot of stuff, coming up, from different perspectives: Higher Education Technology Managers, Home Theater, Staging Events etc. to ensure we bring readers as much up-to-date information as possible.


  4. Bruce Johnson says:

    Having not attended Infocomm this year I am reading a lot of reviews
    and blogs. Chris, with only 2 duds in your review, I realize I missed a
    good year. Thanks for the reviews. We recently did a live video stream,
    over the internet. We shot it and showed the live video stream in 4
    different remote locations, within 2 separate restaurants. There were 2
    projectors and 2 IPads, receiving the video over wireless internet. We
    tried complete wireless transmission with much lag. We then went to hard
    wiring the, source streaming, MAC Laptop. It worked great but I may
    need a system for August with 40 IPads to receive a live video stream. I
    have to look into Barco’s Clickshare.

    Bruce Johnson

    • Mike Brandes says:

      There might have been more than just two duds :). It was a great year for equipment! These were just the few items that I was hoping to see be ready to fill enterprise level needs and they weren’t ready. Lots of excellent stuff, hopefully we’ll see you next year.


  5. Christine Blanco Owens says:

    Solstice from Mersive provides wireless display access and indeed does support high performance video as demo’d at InfoComm. Here’s what some have said about it…Mark Coxon picked it as his innovation award winner and Chuck Ansbacher compared it to Clickshare—mersive-takes-media-sharing-to-the-next-level/756 I hope you’ll check it out – happy to set up a demo and free trials available.

  6. Corey Moss says:

    Interesting to hear about what you considered the disappointments. Haven’t become a big fan of lampless projector yet (as you said still to come), however I did see some pretty good advancements in BYOD wireless presentation technology. If you look at interactive display technologies as well as interactive projectors, those solutions are really picking up a head of steam.

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