REDBAND: Install Like It’s For You (The Remix) by Mark Coxon


Install Like It’s For You- The Remix

I have to tell you that I was rather excited a couple weeks ago when fellow RedBand Blogger John Sciacca (@SciaccaTweets) tweeted about his upcoming article in Residential Systems that would include a Taylor Swift song parody about the install business.

I quickly asked him to alert me when it went live, which he did (Thanks John), and I hurried to check it out.  I wasn’t familiar with the Swifty song before seeing this, so I watched the Vevo link and then read his interpretation, smiling the whole time.  If you missed the original article, click here.

I promptly complimented John, and then made the mistake of saying I was going to lay this down for him, lol.  I quickly attempted to suggest John’s friend Jelly Dee (@AnjelicaDee), with her talent, was much more suited to do this than I, but it was too late!  John didn’t give me an easy exit (Thanks Again John) and now I was stuck.

I then went “all in” by also telling Todd Anthony Puma (@ToddAnthonyPuma), another RedBander, that I was preparing to tackle John’s parody.  Now I was committed, like it or not.

So I took my 1 year of self-taught acoustic guitar lessons, combined those with probably the most Pink-like Taylor Swift song I have ever heard, added in John’s lyrics, and this is what came out the other end.

Obviously I do not record at home.  I don’t have microphones, mixers, garage band software or anything like that.  This was captured with all the glory of an HTC front facing camera and microphone J

I wanted to give John’s lyrics a voice.  I hope you get a kick out of it.

Best and God Bless!

Mark C


Mark has been in the IT & AV field for over 12 years. He currently works as an Account manager with  Horizon Display and is a contributor with various AV industry publications. You can follow Mark on Twitter @AVPhenom.  The expressed opinions are his own…You have been warned!


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