Check out Commercial Integrator’s article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation

Check out Craig MacCormack’s Article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation.

Craig shares stories about Audiovisual industry members reaching out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. I was one of the story contributors. Click the image Below to check out the article or visit Commercial Integrator’s website at


REDBAND: Epson Projector Opens Budget Opportunities by Todd Anthony Puma

Earlier this week I visited the headquarters of Screen Innovations in Austin, TX, to view the company’s full line of projection screens. Screen Innovations had carefully chosen projectors to best illuminate video images on their screens. When I asked what projector model they were using, I was shocked to find out it was the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010.

As an integrator, I have a very narrow definition for what I consider a “high-end” projector. There are certain lines that I use on a regular basis, and Epson has not been one of them. I have installed many Screen Innovations Black Diamond screens and never thought to pair one with what I consider a mid-range projector like the 6010. After what I saw in Austin, however, my opinion definitely changed.

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Todd Anthony Puma is the CEO & Founder of The Source Home Theater. Check out his  website at The Source Home Theater and follow him on twitter at  @ToddAnthonyPuma .

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REDBAND: Future AV…Hello my name is Joshua Stackhouse By Joshua Stackhouse

Future AV – Hello my name is Joshua Stackhouse. by Joshua Stackhouse

 “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home”– Ken Olson, CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977.

Olsen was wrong; I need technology like a zombie needs brains!

I’ve been around computer technology my entire life, exposed at every turn as a child. My mom was an electronics repair technician and it was common for me to watch my mom take apart and fix everything from VCR’s to arcade machines to animatronic robots. I watched her control industrial robotics and design software. My earliest childhood memories involve playing with robots she constructed. Watching her solder them together component by component, I was completely fascinated. As time went by, I quickly discovered that I was a “digital Doolittle” able to just understand anything computer-based with very little effort.

As I got older, watching became doing. I used computers in school and computers at home. Heck, I was programming in BASIC on a Commodore 64 my grandmother gave me when I was just ten. In high school I was a computer geek hanging out with other geeks doing stuff like building online game worlds for early MMORPG’s and hacking game consoles. Leaving home at 19 to join the U.S. Navy, I then professionally worked as an IT administrator for a network that spanned a fifth of the country. Tech had been with me all along, and had become a career.

I burned out after a few years and left tech for a little over half a decade. I didn’t stop being an end-user, but the notion of certifications and academics being more important to hiring personnel than actual experience had left a bad taste in my mouth.

Eventually, however, I got over myself and enrolled in a high-tech trade program at Madison Media Institute in Madison, Wisconsin. It has been there in the Associates of Applied Science in Electronics and A/V systems (EAV) program that I rekindled my passion for technology. Adding to my IT background and lifelong passion for tech, I learned everything from methods of construction to electronics at the component level to project management and a slew of systems including life safety systems, home theater systems, CCTV, distributed audio/video and more.

My instructors went above and beyond the role of instructor and rose to the status of mentors. During my tenure as a student at MMI they molded and shaped me into a professional ready to reenter the tech world and take it by storm. To my instructors, my kids, and loving fiancé who have supported me through the process, I am truly grateful.

My time at MMI is nearly over. In just ten weeks I will graduate with my degree, ready to charge into the A/V world and shake it up. My time spent there has reinvigorated my inner geek inspiring me to go beyond a career to build and play with electronics and computing as a hobby with tools such as the Arduino and to take former Harvard Professor Shimon Shocken’s NAND2Tetris course. It has given me a desire to become a LEED Green Associate, pursue my Cisco CCNA, and to obtain my Certified Technical Trainer certification from CompTIA. All of these are, of course, in addition to industry certifications like ESPA and CTS.

Olsen was wrong. The AV systems designed and installed by AV integrators empower us to have more enjoyable lives and therefore are desirable. We rely on them so much that I believe that IT and AV are beyond merging and are now irreversibly intertwined.  The symbiotic nature of this business relationship is so significant that only the integrators who understand this vision of the future will remain relevant.

I am “young” AV. My name is Joshua Stackhouse and I am what the future of this industry looks like.

Check out Joshua Stackhouse profile on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter: @StackhouseAV

Check out AV Nation AVWeek Episode 65

AV Week’s guest panel discuss AV Helpdesk being on the cover of the November issue of Commercial Integrator magazine.

AV Nation’s AVWeek Episode 65

Host: Tim Albright (AVNation Founder) Guests: George Tucker of World Stage and Craig MacCormack of Commercial Integrator Magazine.

With President Obama winning re-election, what does that mean for AV?  AV Help Desk is on the cover of Commercial Integrator magazine. We talk with Craig MacCormack about what makes them special. Audinate has joined the Control Architecture Alliance. Where is Crestron and AMX? Finally, Julie Jacobson says TVs are the next big thing in residential AV.

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REDBAND: iPad mini Opens Up Home Automation Opportunities By Todd Anthony Puma

iPad mini Opens Up Home Automation Opportunities By Todd Anthony Puma

Friday morning I woke to the sound of my doorbell ringing. I raced downstairs to greet my new iPad mini at my front door, excitedly ripped open the box, pulled off the plastic, and turned it on.

And I have to admit, I was severely disappointed with my first go at the iPad mini. I was so disappointed that I almost fought with my 6 year old son for my old iPad back that I gave him when I ordered my mini. It wasn’t until I dug deep and played with it for a few days that I saw all the benefits the iPad mini had to offer.

The first thing that initially disappointed me about my iPad mini was that the screen was not the new retina screen of the iPhone 5, but of the old generation of Apple product. From the knowledge I gathered watching all the Apple events and press releases; Apple did not inform the consumer that the screen would be a lower resolution than the iPhone5. In efforts to really experience the difference, I pulled up a hundred different websites to compare them on my new iPad, my old iPad and my iPhone 5…

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Todd Anthony Puma is the CEO & Founder of The Source Home Theater. Check out his  website at The Source Home Theater and follow him on twitter at  @ToddAnthonyPuma .

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REDBAND: Scammed…Not on My watch! by John Sciacca

Scammed?! Not on my watch! by John Sciacca

Long time readers may recall our rather unceremonious parting of the ways with They Who Shall Not Be Named. Well, part of the fall-out of said ways parting was that we were left with quite a bit of inventory for which we were no longer a dealer. We’ve decided to get proactive in trying to clear out this old gear and have been advertising it on some Internet sites including Craig’s List.

(A quick Craig’s List FYI: apparently anyone for any reason can decide that your ad violates some nebulous terms and agreements; flag your ad and then it is removed for literally no reason. There seems to be no recourse for this and no one responds when you send a follow-up, “WHAT THE HELL?!?” message. We posted about 20 ads and had like 15 of them promptly flagged and removed. You have no way of knowing by whom or for what reason. The old adage is true…you get what you pay for. (That adage makes more sense when you realize that Craig’s List is a free service…

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John Sciacca started a personal blog back in 2010 which dared to ask the hard questions like, “Huh?” and “Whaa?” all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. His blog likes to make new friends and would love to have you over for some caramels. You can follow John Sciacca on Twitter @sciaccatweets  and at his personal blog

Check out the November 2012 Edition of AV Technology Magazine!

November/December Issue of AV Technology Magazine.

I was interviewed for the article “Ten Tips for First Time Tech Managers” By writer James Careless. Click the image below to view the article and subscribe to AV Technology Magazine. I will forward the weblink once the article becomes available online.

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Its been a wild and crazy month and I have a few more surprises in the works!

I can’t say it enough…THANK YOU! so much for visiting the site. I am truly blessed to be part of a great industry and part of an outstanding community of AV professionals.

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Check it out: “Advanced Planning and AV Assist in Sandy Aftermath” By Kirsten Nelson

“Advanced Planning and AV Assist in Sandy Aftermath” By Kirsten Nelson

I was recently interviewed by Systems Contractor News (Lindsey Adler contributed to this report) for this article.
As a resident of Monmouth County NJ I witnessed the fury of  Hurricane Sandy but walked away without any major damage. There are thousands of people who were not that fortunate. Here is a direct link to the article and how the AV community was affected:

Seeking Assistance Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy By Todd Anthony Puma

Originally Posted in Residential Systems:

Seeking Assistance Helping Victims of Sandy

As soon as New Jersey/New York custom integrator and frequent Residential Systems editorial contributor Todd Anthony Puma got the power restored to his home in Middlesex County, NJ, he realized he wanted to volunteer his time and donate money to help others whose lives were devastated by Superstorm Sandy.

“My wife and I were watching the news, seeing people crying who have lost their homes, and we couldn’t just sit there doing nothing,” Puma said. “We’ve called around to find out what we can do and were hoping that others in our industry were willing to help too.”

Puma, president of The Source Home Theater, would love to see Tri-State area manufacturers and integrators give a day of service or donate financially local churches or Red Cross offices that are assisting in the recovery. One of his employees, Jason, took the bus from Brooklyn to New Jersey to help Puma and his wife Jaclyn with their volunteer efforts.

They have reached out to local churches in New York and New Jersey to find out how they could volunteer but none have been able to organize anything just yet due to their own lack of power. Once the churches have a plan they will be reaching out to Jaclyn with more information.

Anyone who would like to volunteer time, please contact Jaclyn at or 732.721.1839 and she will give you information for your area once she receives it.

Please also visit the websites below on other ways to donate in your area.

Check out my latest Article in Corporate TechDecisions

All-in-One Digital Solutions for Tech Managers

One way to have both analog and digital in your A/V world.

By Christopher Neto CTS

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