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#2 You’re hired! by Christopher Neto, AV Technology

This summer, I was informed that my position was eliminated. And, with that, six years at a Fortune 500 company ended in a matter of minutes. In an instant I was a statistic and a product of today’s economy. Though I have always considered myself to be in the AV industry, the realization of being the “AV guy” in a non AV company came crashing down on me harder than a stack of VHS tapes. More»

Why This Matters:

When he lost his position as a Fortune 500 tech manager, Christopher Neto bounced back and reinvented himself as the “AV guy.” Neto’s diverse resume—”AV with a splash of IT”—helped him stay relevant in an evolving landscape. - Margot Douaihy, Managing Editor, AV Technology 




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