Infocomm 2012 – The Vegas Parable

During my 4 days spent in the Las Vegas attending Infocomm 2012 I learned a couple things that I’d like to share. Consider this your Infocomm 2014 prerequisites (when it returns to Vegas):


  • Don’t make any appointments on the first 2 days! Chances are you or the person your meeting with will be late. Maybe its time to deploy the restaurant buzzer/coaster thing? My advice is to save appointments for the final day of the show when the crowds calm down.
  • Making of lists only work if you follow them. I made a list of booths more as a reminder.  Also Do not discredit the smaller out of the way booths !  Some really good products and services are tucked away at those booths.
  • Take extra cellphone batteries, a portable power strip and a separate camera (with a flash). If not you’ll spend more time sitting by your phone while it’s charging than on the Show Floor.
  • Refuse to take pre-printed product specs.  Go green. Zap a QR code or ask for the info on re-useable thumb drive. Or bring your own thumb drive and collect your products specs that way.
  • Get in early and leave an hour before everyone else does.  If not you’ll be waiting in New York City style cab lines. Only difference is that it’s 104 degrees… but don’t worry its dry heat!  Just ask the iguana looking for shade and a drink.
  • Get involved with Infocomm or NSCA or both. Getting involved in your industry and meeting your peers will give you a completely different take on the Show. Also take advantage of the classes, demo rooms and networking events. This too is another great way to enhance your convention experience.
  • Bring Cash and Credit Cards. Some Cabs only take cash or you’ll need cash to split a limo with 6 others. Also Food can and will be pricey.  Bring credit cards because you know you could always use another bill when you get back home.
  • The most important advice I could offer you:  While on a cross country flight home from Vegas to Jersey do not step in front of a 6’4 Professional Wrestler who’s shoulders are twice the width of the plane’s center isle , while he’s heading to the bathroom, just to say “Hi…Are you?” …. Just saying you may want to rethink that. 

    Remember what you do in Vegas will come back to you in form of Spam email. Thanks for swiping my badge everyone.






  1. Great post! Hilarious!

  2. Chris, what did you think about the new HDBASET solutions? controllers, projectors, LCD?

  3. Mskinner says:

     Great list of do  and Don’t.  Dead on
    We never book appointments, but tell our dealers to pop by booth either first or last 30 mins of the day.  
    Also remind people 3.00 buffets are only in old movies.

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