The Battle with Hurricane Sandy continues…Be Nice!

Today is October 29th.  For those who read my post yesterday… I am (unfortunately) in the middle of the Hurricane Sandy’s path. New Jersey is officially under state of emergency. We have been told to stay home and off the roads. Coastal communities have been emptied out since yesterday afternoon and now towns inland are beginning evacuation.

Hurricane Sandy and her angry disposition will hit NJ full force later today. The winds have picked up which is a sure sign that my time online is coming to an end as internet & power will surely go out.  As I wrote yesterday the even the weatherman disposition has changed. They are now angrily pleading with people to save themselves and not put rescue personnel into the same perilous situation.

As I am writing this I am watching the large oak trees on my property bend and sway with these sneaky gusts! The wind is strange. It comes, it comes goes in quick bursts. It’s not a sustained wind that is what is strange. Everything is quiet until this huge gust comes out of nowhere and bends these trees like reeds in a marsh.

I am fortunate enough to have scored a generator during Hurricane Irene. A generator that I received, unpacked and pulled start handle only to watch my city power come back after 4 days of nothing.  So I packed the generator up and stored it for the next time.  So here  is….the “next time”. Sandy will undoubtedly knock my power out.

Part of my preparation was getting some gas for the generator. I grabbed my red gas cans and headed out to gas station with my cousin and his son who happened to be over my house helping me with a small project in my garage.  The three of us decided to head out to gas station to fill up on gas and grab a soda. My cousin filled up his  truck and a 5 gallon then went inside to grab coffee. In the meantime I grabbed my 3 red gas cans and began filling each.  The gas collection was not the fun of it….the lady in the Black german V12 import was.

Before you say it…yes its NJ and we are typically impatient. Now to paint the picture… There is 10 Fill up bays at the local gas station. Each lane is about 3-4 cars deep with everyone doing the same thing I am filling cars and cans. As we are filling the truck and cans this lady had chosen to pull up behind us to fill up her car. I went about filling the truck and cans not paying attention to the car behind us. My godson Michael must have notice this lady growing impatient.

Go figure…She was in a hurry and did not want to wait. As if there isn’t enough stress on the people who are there filling up. As i proceeded to pump gas she “lost” her cool. Angrily she exclaimed “You could have said something!” after I had pulled out another 2 cans. Really? We now have to declare our intentions while at the pump? Oh Did i mentioned that she added few choice words that would make your grandma blush. What a Class act! She worked with profanity like Picasso worked with Oils.  She then peels out from behind us, jumping out of line and cutting off  an incoming car into an open pump.

I’m never at a loss for “choice” words but considering the situation and the company I’m with I decided to mind my tongue. I grumbled and went about filling my 5 gas cans but the best part of the whole episode was the following exchange with the gas attendant

As I pulled into the gas station I had asked the gas attendant … “How crazy has it been?”

He responded “You have no idea sir!”.

I did now.

I filled my gas cans handed him my credit card and thanked him for his help and told him to “Stay Sane”

He smirked before running to the furthest lane away from the lady’s Car. Did I mention he was the only one working that Bay.

Stay Safe and be nice to those working hard to help us.


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