REDBAND: Living in the Golden Age of High Tech By John Sciacca

Living in the Golden Age of High Tech by John Sciacca

My recent post on Prima Cinema’s game-changing day & date home-delivery system elicited a comment from DarkOrion69 that got me thinking. As background for appreciating Mr. 69’s comment, the Prima hardware currently sells for $35,000 and each movie viewing costs $500. The comment was:

“Interesting technology but WAY out of my price range. Until the price point drops below $10,000 for the unit and movies drop to $200 each then this will just be one more cool toy for wealthy people. It won’t revolutionize anything when only the wealthy can afford this service. Wouldn’t it be nice if a poor or middle class person with extreme physical disabilities could see movies like this?”

The truth is, Prima is expensive, and it’s not currently intended for mass-market pricing or adoption. It’s also way out of my price range. Today….

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