Check out this article: Where Do You Find Good Installers?

Check out this article by Heather Sidorowicz from Residential Systems on where to people find Good AV installers. Here is the link to the AVNation podcast referenced in the article

“Last week I sent out a tweet asking my fellow AVTweeps (#avtweeps), “Where Do Installers Come From?” I currently have 498 followers (@tech_chi). The response? No answer from anyone. CEDIA actually picked up the tweet and retweeted it to its 6,572 followers. 

Nothing but crickets…

I started thinking that either you all know some great secret that you don’t want to share with me (or the rest of the world), or—more likely—you don’t have a concrete answer either.

We recently lost an installer, and I’ve been on the search for a new one ever since. I have this advertised in the local papers, on my sign out in front of my store, on CEDIA’s website (a member benefit), and even on Craigslist. And it got me to thinking; where have my best employees come from over the last 28 years?…”

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