Chris’s Updates

Here are a Few updates :

  • Just wrapped up a new Article on Service Agreements for AV Technology Magazine that will be out soon
  • I expect my first article to be published in Brazil later this month. I’m really excited to see my work being published outside of the US and especially in a different language. I hope to have more opportunities like that in the future.
  • I recently participated at an AV event in New York City for Corporate AV Technology Managers. The meeting was great and the networking event afterward was well received.  I was there representing Infocomm which was a first for me. I look forward to doing more of these events in the future.
  • Speaking of Infocomm. I will heading out to Vegas this June to Infocomm 2012. If you plan to be out there drop me an email or contact me via the website.
  • I’m currently working on an ebook that is based on my Career Portfolio article. The article was well received and i received a lot of questions and comments on how to create a Portfolio. Though it’s still early in the process but I hope have it ready by summer.

Thanks again for visiting and subscribing to my blog Please feel free to contact me with any questions comments and concerns.




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