Chris’s Updates

Here are a Few updates :

  • Just wrapped up a new Article on Service Agreements for AV Technology Magazine that will be out soon
  • I expect my first article to be published in Brazil later this month. I’m really excited to see my work being published outside of the US and especially in a different language. I hope to have more opportunities like that in the future.
  • I recently participated at an AV event in New York City for Corporate AV Technology Managers. The meeting was great and the networking event afterward was well received.  I was there representing Infocomm which was a first for me. I look forward to doing more of these events in the future.
  • Speaking of Infocomm. I will heading out to Vegas this June to Infocomm 2012. If you plan to be out there drop me an email or contact me via the website.
  • I’m currently working on an ebook that is based on my Career Portfolio article. The article was well received and i received a lot of questions and comments on how to create a Portfolio. Though it’s still early in the process but I hope have it ready by summer.

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Chris gets a Facebook page

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Chris goes International: Article to be featured in Brazilian Technology Integration Magazine

I’m very excited to announce that one of my articles will be published in Brasil! The article will be featured in the upcoming April Edition of Revista IP .

Revista IP  is a journal of technology integration installation for buildings, spaces and large companies. This publication brings together the various sectors who are dedicated to special facilities, regarding the fields of audiovisual, networking, security, lighting control, infrastructure and technical furniture. IP brings all the technological innovations and proposals from manufacturers, importers and distributors market, analyzing and highlighting the facilities and concrete projects, with articles, news and content always present.

Target Audience: The journal is intended, first, the managers of companies and who gets to decide to lead processes of (re) equipment and installation. The information contained in the magazine Revista IP  also serves as reference and update for architects, engineers, designers, builders, developers, installers and integrators.

Quick Shout: New AV Training Links Added

  • Audio-Technica
  • Electro Voice
  • Ford Audio-Video Systems
  • Frazier Speakers
  • IED – Innovative Electronic Designs
  • SurgeX
  • CustomRetailer
  • Yamaha Commercial Audio

Stay tuned !


Quick Shout: Upcoming Cabes To Go webinars

USB for A/V Applications

Thursday, February 23 at 1:00pm EST

Universal Serial Bus is more than a way to connect your keyboard to your computer. USB is being used to control a multitude of devices such as scanners, printers, interactive white boards, camera mounts, automated lifts and blinds and other devices. USB also transfers files and is common in sharing music, video and data. What are the limitations of USB? What are the speeds and how do you know whether your USB connection will work to the desired level? Participants in this program will leave with a full understanding of the genesis and evolution of the USB standard, best installation practices and challenges and the future of data connections. Along with audio and video, USB is fast becoming one of the most important A/V project connections. Don’t be left behind.

Click here to sign up today!

Understanding In-Person Sales Techniques*
Thursday, March 29 at 1:00pm EST

How do you know what’s being said, when nothing is being said? Sales relationships demand an environment of mutual communication. Learn how to direct a conversation, how to interpret non-verbal cues and how to get your point across while respecting the communication bias of the target.

Selling is more than closing. Good selling, that promotes solid and repeatable business growth, is dependent upon the ability to influence. Influence requires complete communication, and complete communication takes into account the haptic, proxemic and NVB aspects of an interpersonal interface.

*This course does not qualify for BISCI or AIA Continuing Education credits.

Click here to sign up today!

Quick Shout: Drawing a Crowd with Interactive Digital Signage Live Webinar 2/29/12

Live Webinar:
February 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM EST

Presented By:  Digital Signage Magazine
Sponsored By:  NEC

Digital signage continues to break new ground with bigger, brighter displays, increasingly advanced deployment logistics and dynamic content you can’t take your eyes off. However, nothing seems to have created as much buzz, lasting impressions and word-of-mouth amongst consumers as those installations that tout high levels of interactivity. While these setups attract crowds and provide endless amusement, a copious amount of planning, technology and ingenuity go into creating these “how did they do that?” solutions.
In this webinar, presenters will provide a behind-the-scenes look into interactive digital signage, touching on the types of interactivity available, hardware necessary for successful deployments and best practices in the industry.
The webinar will focus on:

  • Defining interactive digital signage
  • Wayfinding, order kiosks and other touchscreen applications
  • Video wall interaction via cameras and facial recognition
  • Audience analytics
  • Success stories


Richard Ventura

Director of Sales-Vertical Solutions, NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.


Chris Beauchamp

Chief Executive Officer, Monster Media


Quick Shout: More Sites and feedback

Two more training links were added today.
  • Audio Pro International
  • Vidyo

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AV Shout Link Update: 2/13/12 more links added

Additional Links added today and more to come. Thanks again for visiting the site and I hope you are finding it to a be helpful resource.
Newly added  as of 2/13/12:
  • European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP)
  • Institute of Acoustics (UK)
  • Acoustical Solutions, Inc.
  • American Institute of Physics
  • International Association for Radio, Telecommunications & Electromagnetics
  • National Council of Acoustical Consultants

Update: New Links added to the AV Training Links page

I  added additional training links below to training links page. If I missed any please let me know.

• Mackie

• Auralex Acoustics

• AcouticsFirst

• Radial Engineering

• Stewart Audio

• Yamaha

See the new links HERE.



AV Shout Weekly is out!

AV Shout Weekly! – Weekly News, Views & Trends in the Audiovisual World

Published by Christopher Neto CTS – 229 news spotters today for Thursday, Feb. 09, 2012

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