Redband Radio: Live from the Crestron Design showroom in NYC with Sapphire Marketing

I just realized that I never posted the Video from our LIVE event with the AV Nation crew At the Sapphire Marketing Holiday Party at the Crestron Design Showroom in NYC on my AVshout Blog.  A big THANKS goes out to both Sapphire Marketing and Crestron for inviting us to videocast the event! I also want to thank all the guests who came on the show.

Thank you again!


Mark “@AVPhenom” Coxon belts out “The 12 days of an AV Christmas Installation” Song


@AVPhenom Sings “The 12 days of an AV Christmas Installation”  based on the my post from Last week. Enjoy and sing along.  Here is the post so you can sing along.


Check out the latest REDBAND Video

A must see for fans of Live events. Check out this youtube video of The Flaming Lips in Concert

A fellow REDBAND blogger, The Video Vandal,  recently went to see the Flaming Lips in concert in Montclair, NJ. He couldn’t stop raving about how great the show was. Not only did the band sound great but he was super impressed with the LED Displays, lighting, 3d  content, etc.  In particular the he showed me a clip of the Flaming Lips covering the David Bowie song “Heros” (min. 53:30 of the attached video) that looked awesome.

Thanks Video Vandal for the heads up!


REDBAND: #AVTweeps Cutting Loose on YouTube by Chris Neto

I recently worked on two posts that involved YouTube videos. Both Big Nate and Mark Coxon’s videos were both excellent examples of AV professionals showing their skills online. So last nite I began to search YouTube in search of more AV related videos. I came across many posts. Here are some great examples of  AV Pros at Play on YouTube.




Check out this Video on YouTube: Start A Career In AV Integration by @BigNate84

This past weekend I received a tweet from BigNate84, a fellow AV Industry professional and #AVtweeps, to check out his latest Video on YouTube.

In the video Nate answers a viewer question on “How to Start a Career in AV Integration”.  There is some great info for those looking to start in the AV industry. In his response he mentions Phil “HiPhi” Cordell, InfoComm, AV Nation and as good resources for AV info on the internet. I was both surprised and honored to be mentioned alongside the other AV professionals.

Check out the video and stop by Nate’s website: and see his work.

Thanks again Nate.


Video: God Made an AV Integrator by AVAD LLC

Check out this great YouTube Video from AVAD “God Made an AV Integrator” :

Big Thanks Scott Moody from Marketing Matters for the heads up and permission to post.

REDBAND: The Video Vandal leaves his mark – The 10 spot

The 10 Spot

  • The display designed for the application will never be better than “that guys” TV at Home…you know who you are.
  • “It’s not loud enough” & “it’s not bright enough” are now both universally accepted technical terms.
  • All AV equipment is unsightly and will always need to be hidden in remote areas where unsightly devices go to be forgotten. Thank goodness distance limitations do not exist.
  • AV drawings that have device locations labeled as “future” is code for “not happening”
  • The true value behind the art of Value Engineering is to kindly tell you that your site survey and needs analysis were never really necessary.
  • AV equipment is always at fault regardless that the presenter was presenting while on a  “pay as you go” Mifi connection and on a moving train in Eastern Europe.
  • IT “speaks” three distinct languages…PC, MAC & IP. While AV is more like a Nomadic tribe with over 100 distinct languages & dialects and few dead languages. Rabbit Ears, Cassette Tape & Reel to Reel Rest In Pieces guys!
  • Audiovisual can really impact a Presentation, Meeting or Conference so expect your first introduction/meeting to start 10 minutes into the event.
  • Using bigger fonts and more slides in a presentation is much more costly than re-engineering the presentation system.
  • 10 remotes on a table is a great alternative to a control system. Even the end-users would agree with the savings.

Video Vandal.

Check out this Video from NSCA – Chucks Blog: Expectations of New Generation Employees

Chucks Blog: Expectations of New Generation Employees

 What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree?


 Check out this and other NSCA AV Industry videos on YouTube by clicking Here or visit their website at