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January/February 2013 InAVate Magazine

This month I am in InAVate Magazine. I was interviewed by Anna Mitchell for the article “Beauty with Brains”. The feature is on Page 32 of the magazine. You can read the article by following the either of the links below. One will take you to InAVate’s website while the other will take you to the Active Magazine Subscriber site. Check it out and let me know what you think?

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InAVate Magazine Jan2012

Check out my latest Article on Corporate TD: A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology

My Latest Article for CorporateTD.

A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology By Christopher Neto

We take for granted the conveniences of modern day life. We shuffle through our day checking voice mails, emails, texting and surfing the web. As audiovisual professionals our days are deeply layered with additional technology, such as videoconferencing, displays systems and control systems. Suffice to say we spend our days shepherding this technology. Our industry has made habit of evolving with trends and challenges. Similar to an undersized and overmatched fighter we have risen to the challenge and find a way to survive. On October 29th New York and New Jersey A/V professionals were formally introduced to a new opponent that would bring the fight into our businesses, homes and communities. That day we met “Sandy.”….

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AV Helpdesk selected by Commercial Integrator Magazine as Consultant of the Year

Just received word that AV Helpdesk Inc. has been selected by Commercial Integrator as Consultant of the Year in their December 2012 issue.

You can view the December 2012 issue is  by subscribing to Commercial Integrator magazine by clicking the link or image below:

Check out Commercial Integrator’s article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation

Check out Craig MacCormack’s Article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation.

Craig shares stories about Audiovisual industry members reaching out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. I was one of the story contributors. Click the image Below to check out the article or visit Commercial Integrator’s website at


Check It Out: Stewart’s October Newsletter.

Here’s a new one… I’m recognized in Stewart Filmscreen’s October newsletter as their “Social Media Highlight of the Month”. I have to admit that’s a first for me but definitely a cool one in my book. Thanks Stewart!

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Check out AV Helpdesk’s new website

As you know I work for AV Helpdesk Inc. as an AV Consultant.  AV Helpdesk is an audiovisual consulting firm and technical services provider specializing in the design and implementation of integrated audiovisual systems. Recently the company updated its website. If your aren’t familiar with AV Helpdesk Inc. click on the banner below.



AV Helpdesk Inc.

Audiovisual Design & Engineering

Quick Shout: Infocomm rolls out a New Membership Structure

Infocomm Announces New Membership Structure

InfoComm is simplifying its membership structure and expanding the amount of free and discounted education offered to members. These changes will go into effect early 2013.

For More Information please visit:

InfoComm International

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