REDBAND Radio: Infocomm 2014 Cable Challenge

REDBAND Radio: Infocomm 2014 Cable Challenge

Redband Radio and AVNation teamed up to test a number of cables transporting HDBaseT. The magic number is less than 1 bits lost per billion.

Running time: 22:28

Hosted by Chris Neto

Check out the video and see how important upgrading your existing infrastructure cabling can affect your move into 4k video.



  1. Mark Coxon says:


    I thought the magic number was less than 1 per Billion? That’s what you say in the video, but in the description above you raise it to 2.

    Which is it? Seems like it is helping Crestron save a little PR nightmare here.

  2. Your right Mark. I will correct that. The proof is in the video tape. Its 1 per Billion

  3. Julie Jacobson says:

    Nice job, Chris.

  4. Andy Barys says:

    Thanks for doing that Chris. Were all the cables that were tested 100 meters in length? I think only 2 of them actually stated the length. We have been using Belden shielded CAT6 (2412F & 2413F) with great success over the past year or so but haven’t been pushing 4K yet. I’m curious how that would test with 4K.

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