REDBAND: 3 AV questions in my ransacked mind by The Video Vandal

3 AV questions in my ransacked mind by The Video Vandal


  1. How is that other industries have measuring sticks that take into account Experience, Certifications and Degrees when it equates to Salary? Yet the AV industry appears to be the Wild West with regards to Careers and Salaries? For example a technician with 10 yrs. Install experience “cannot just jump into engineering” within the same company?  Is he/she too valuable as the “Super Tech” to let go into another department? Or how about a recent College Grad who will not be interviewed for a Jr. Engineer position?  “You’ll need to work your way up”.  You could argue the details but how many people reading this already know of someone in those 2 examples above. The industry associations wonder where the talent is going to come from in the future? If your members keep perpetuating this mindset and they will find themselves with a lot fewer choices in the talent pool.
  2. AV Integrators and Service providers that promote training opportunities and the value of Certification only during an interview process.  How quickly does their tune change once you sign on the dotted line? I have a problem with this on so many levels. First Point: I can’t stand the bait and switch style of doing business. Don’t go back on your promise of training especially since it was so strongly emphasized during the interview.  Second point: You’re doing more harm to your company and to the industry than good. You can either support career development within your company or continue complaining about high employee turnover rate.  By the way are you that naive to think that your customers do not notice the “revolving door” of staff thrown into projects? Work with your talent don’t leave them hanging out to dry.
  3. I have worked for and alongside many on site AV support people.  If you think your AV Job is a tough one try walking in the “running” shoes of an onsite AV support tech.  Not only do they have to deal with integrators and their lack of respect for what they do  but within the company and organizations they are supporting they are still viewed as Cart or Button pushers. Really?  They maintain and support conference rooms, auditoriums, videoconference systems, Video bridges, TV distribution systems, digital signage, conduct live events and deliver equipment. They provide solutions and coordination for every little thing in a corporate or university meeting space. Their experience onsite should translate very well into an AV job outside the corporate walls. I know former site techs branded as not having enough field experience to get hired as techs. There is no excuse for this. Why shouldn’t they be working right now as project managers or customer service reps in our industry?  Is this another example of  “the way things are”?  Get Past it! Fortunately there  is a simple fix:   Listen without preconceived notions.

Yeahhhhh…. I went there.

Video Vandal