REDBAND: Install Like It’s For You (The Remix) by Mark Coxon


Install Like It’s For You- The Remix

I have to tell you that I was rather excited a couple weeks ago when fellow RedBand Blogger John Sciacca (@SciaccaTweets) tweeted about his upcoming article in Residential Systems that would include a Taylor Swift song parody about the install business.

I quickly asked him to alert me when it went live, which he did (Thanks John), and I hurried to check it out.  I wasn’t familiar with the Swifty song before seeing this, so I watched the Vevo link and then read his interpretation, smiling the whole time.  If you missed the original article, click here.

I promptly complimented John, and then made the mistake of saying I was going to lay this down for him, lol.  I quickly attempted to suggest John’s friend Jelly Dee (@AnjelicaDee), with her talent, was much more suited to do this than I, but it was too late!  John didn’t give me an easy exit (Thanks Again John) and now I was stuck.

I then went “all in” by also telling Todd Anthony Puma (@ToddAnthonyPuma), another RedBander, that I was preparing to tackle John’s parody.  Now I was committed, like it or not.

So I took my 1 year of self-taught acoustic guitar lessons, combined those with probably the most Pink-like Taylor Swift song I have ever heard, added in John’s lyrics, and this is what came out the other end.

Obviously I do not record at home.  I don’t have microphones, mixers, garage band software or anything like that.  This was captured with all the glory of an HTC front facing camera and microphone J

I wanted to give John’s lyrics a voice.  I hope you get a kick out of it.

Best and God Bless!

Mark C


Mark has been in the IT & AV field for over 12 years. He currently works as an Account manager with  Horizon Display and is a contributor with various AV industry publications. You can follow Mark on Twitter @AVPhenom.  The expressed opinions are his own…You have been warned!


REDBAND: Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself by Mark Coxon

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself.


Let me start off by saying that I’m excited to be joining the RedBand bloggers.  I have followed most of the crew for some time, and always look forward to a new Neto, Sciacca, Tucker, or Puma blog.

For anyone who may follow me or be familiar with some of my work in the industry, you may already know my take on a variety of AV issues.  For those of you who know me in person from my work in AZ or CA, you know I am at heart a nice guy and a father of 3, as well as someone who likes to engage in some light hearted sparring, (verbally and otherwise ).  I do hold strong opinions but I am not mean spirited, and I am usually very fair.  Even when I competed in Muay Thai, I felt bad when I kneed someone in the face, but I was OK with it because we both entered the ring with the same expectations and knew the rules of engagement, (as well as the possible outcomes).  For this reason I wanted to layout my Rules of Engagement, and what I will be writing about in RedBand.

So. . .

“Let Me Clear my Throat!” –Beastie Boys

In the RedBand Spirit of polite irreverence and honesty, there are a few things that will quickly get my attention and the e-ink flowing.

1)      Superfluous Press Releases- If you are on my Google Alerts for AV everyday announcing that you are now installing in the closest suburb or have just hired an intern to shuffle paperwork, you may find your name in my blogs very quickly McCann Systems.

2)      “Me Too” Product Releases- So it is the nature of innovation that we will not always be the first to the party with a new piece of gear or industry changing technology.  However, if 18 months after a major competitor develops a product, you decide to finally copy it, do not announce it in a coming out party to rival the Ellen announcement Extron.  When my grandma finally got e-mail, it was kind of cute that she made a big hurrah about it, but when it’s a product you should have made a year ago it’s just sad.  Have a private webinar, send out a new catalog, add it to your website, but please don’t put it on twitter as “Sliced Bread” if you don’t want me to comment on it.

 3)      “Pretennovation”- Like everyone else in the Band, I’ve been around the AV block a couple times, and the thing that drives me more crazy than almost anything else, is the creative marketing of features that aren’t new, don’t make a difference, or pretend to be more than they are.  240Hz HDMI cables, formats without content, or strobing eyewear have all made my articles in the past, and anything of the same ilk will definitely get some attention in the future.

 4)      “Yes” Men- As Edmund Burke so eloquently stated, the reason that evil exists is that good men do nothing.  When any of the above scenarios happen, there are 3 choices: Ignore the mistake, help promote the obvious idea out of some sense of loyalty or fear of loss, or call them out.  I will always do the latter, but many choose to help promote obviously failed logic and products out of a sense of loyalty or loss.  Instead of admitting the manufacturer’s baby is ugly, they first contemplate the ramifications and choose instead to Follow You into the Dark in Cutie’s Deathcab.

I’m sure many other things will come up between now and the time I put keyboard to backlit screen, but I thought I’d introduce myself, and let you know what to expect.  I encourage your comments, feedback, and well thought out arguments, and promise I will always respond in a kind and loving manner while either coming to a whole new perspective or attacking your premises at their foundation.  Either way, it’s bound to be fun!

Best and God Bless!

Mark C.


Mark has been in the IT & AV field for over 12 years. He currently works as an Account manager with  Horizon Display and is a contributor with Commercial Integrator magazine. You can follow Mark on Twitter @AVPhenom.  The expressed opinions are his own…You have been warned.