My Infocomm 2012: Hey I Know You …Two


Part Two

Hey I Know You…Two.

How would Infocomm 2012 become personal?

How can a 140 character blurb translate into personal introductions?

How many more awkward introductions will I see before the end of the convention?

All of these questions ran through my head.  So here I am standing at the top of the stairs on the Las Vegas Convention Center and wondering what just happened.  Looking into the crowds I could now see avatars in the crowds and not the big blue alien kind. Just like those movies where people see ghosts walking among the living I too saw things differently now. Talk about an eye-opening.

Honestly I never connected the people reading my articles as the same people attending the show. Though I have written online for publications I do not see myself as a writer that anyone would follow or as someone who would be recognized. Social media combined with an online presence changed my Infocomm experience into a social media experience. The Social Media experience is  the moment when I first realize that someone, for example, from the Faro Islands knows who I am and looks forward to my posts.  By the way I checked where the Faro Islands were before I used it as an example and thanks for the Follow.  What started as a way to better understand the AV industry by interacting with other industry people turned into my “Hey I know you” moment.

I quickly decided to pack away my notes & schedules and set off to see how far of a reach does the online community extend. The rest of the day I spent bobbing and weaving in and out of booths.  It was great to meet many of the online AV Tweeps in person.  The reactions were priceless. Some recognized each other immediately, others were surprised and some reacted how I would have expected with a “who the hell are you ” brow scrunch.  It’s amazing the reaction a simple “hi” would incite. Regardless of the reaction the end result was a great conversation and a new perspective into some of the products at the show.

Walking into the various booths and recognizing someone who I traded tweets was very new to me. Especially when they got past their own awkward moment and realized who’s the guy with the hat. The interaction changed from sales mode to more personal “hey let me show this amazing new product that I love”. Though many probably didn’t realize it, the change from “corporate speak” to a more personal chat really makes a difference. The more personal and passionate talk about how they personally felt about a particular product or service really hits home.  In many ways I see employees truly connecting with their product and what their contribution was to the development of the product. People spoke honestly about the hard work put in by teams of people to make product “x” happen. You can see their face light up when talking about it. Everyone had “Joe in R&D” that comes out in the stories of how hard they worked to bring this product to market. I have to say that I truly enjoyed being shown products in this new way

After visiting a few more booths I headed out to the lobby to grab a soda at the food court. On my way there I stopped over to the AV Nation podcast location, who were in the middle of a live show. At first I was hesitant since I did not want to disrupt a live broadcast but I decided to go over to listen in on the show.  What happened next would take the show for me to another level.

To be continued…

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My Infocomm 2012 : The Video

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My InfoComm 2012: Hey I know you!

Part One

Hey I know you!

My journey began early Tuesday morning in lovely Newark, NJ.  I have to say that I love Newark Airport. Even at the crack of dawn you can witness the state “BIRD” fly without restraint.  I was one of the 34,286 attendees making their way to Infocomm 2012 in the Las Vegas heat. Once I arrived in Vegas I met up with coworkers, from AV Helpdesk, and finalized our objectives for the show.  During the 4 days I spent at the convention I split time between the exhibits, Infocomm meetings and networking. These activities are pretty much standard at all conventions. You’ll always have your attendees, exhibitors and media all mixed together or converged, for those who love to use that fashionable AV term. For many of the attendees the show may be the only opportunity that they will have to see new products and interact with manufacturers. Others simply see the show as work whether they are there to exhibit, attend classes or test for their certifications.

So here I am 3 weeks after the show looking to write a show recap of what I thought about the products and technologies. After spending 4 days admiring the latest and greatest I figured why make it easy on myself? Looking back at InfoComm one of the most impressive things on displays wasn’t a product, service or a company for that matter. This year’s award for most impressive display, not produced by a manufacturer, goes to social media and the impact it played at InfoComm 2012

Infocomm 2012 is the first show that I attended since I began using social media nearly 2 years ago when I joined LinkedIn.  I did not expect to immerse myself into the social media world. I also never expected that social media would ever fuel excitement and anticipation leading up to the show, not for me at least.  Maybe I was too naive or maybe I was downplaying expectations.  As expected you would have marketing people adding to the hype since that’s what they do for a living. Outside of the die-hard trekies … I meant techies who would really be that amped-up about a convention?

For many the show unofficially began weeks, if not months, before the first road case ever hit the desert floor. The online community had been preparing for InfoComm 2012 long before tickets were purchased or the first drink poured. Whether it was on LinkedIn, Twitter or InfoComm own online community, the buzz was building and people were planning.  If you’re skeptical about how much buzz was really generated go to twitter and type in the search #Infocomm12 or better yet try #AVtweeps into the search field.

I walked into the show like everyone else to gather new product information and meet new and existing vendors.  After a full day of running around gathering notes, pictures and information I was exhausted.  The second day of the show I had regained my drive and hit the floor running again. That all changed when I was stopped by someone who recognized me from my online posts and articles. Being from New Jersey if someone jumps in front of me and says “Hey I know you” my first reaction typically does not involve a smile or a “hi”. During that awkward moment is when I realized that this biggie sized show suddenly became whole lot smaller, a lot more personal and a lot more fun.  Mind blowing but that’s the power of social media at work.

To be continued…


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