REDBAND: Retrograde, in Reverse: Looking Back at Past Innovations Leads to the Future By Tucker

Looking back at past innovations leads to the future.

The innovations of the past are more than examples of wrong turns or outdated methodologies and they are more than modern entrails readings. What the study and working knowledge of past technologies are is inspirational. One prime example is how telephony engineers re-examining the process and patent for a frequency jamming resistant torpedo controller developed by ‘the worlds most beautiful woman’ just prior to WWII lead to our modern smart-phone communications – a process called CDMA. The fact is that nothing is built out of the blue but is based on processes that came before, something akin to Broca’s brain.

If you are a fan of Scientific American magazine you might recall that some of the most thought provoking articles were not the five page with pull out centerfold on DNA mapping but were located near the back of each edition. Just before the ads selling Name a star services and other science fandom accessories were the magazines anti- agitprop agitators such as James Burke and his ‘Connections’ articles. Mr. Burke’s column took the reader on a delightfully wandering path to discover how things actually came to be, like how the water wheel lead to breakthroughs in modern computing. The BBC series based on his writings only added to the wonder and prodded one to never take for granted any common device – each has so much history and wonderful things to teach us about why our modern world works the way it does.

I was re-reading  the fantastic AV shout article ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around: A Historian’s Response to Unified Communications’ By K. Daniel Armstrong recently  and it got me to thinking…


When asked to recap his career and life Tucker responded “Me? I am just a figment of your collective imagination and let me tell you that living this life has taught me one thing- you people are twisted Mofos”   You can follow Tucker on Twitter @Tuckertues or his personal blog on tech and tech culture at

REDBAND: A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots by John Sciacca

A Leopard Can’t Change it’s Spots by John Sciacca

…and a Jerk can’t change his true nature.

Many years ago, when young(er) John was just starting out in this home theater industry, he crossed paths with someone we’ll call Mr. Menace.

Menace was building a fairly large new home and expressed extreme interest in having all of the latest and coolest technology of the day: A dedicated media room with front projector, 7-channel surround and tiered seating, a golf simulator room, full housewide audio and lighting control.

His new home was located about 45-minutes (one-way) from our showroom, but that didn’t matter. This was a 6-figure job back when that really meant something, and young(er) John spared no amount of time when it came to doing the full-court hussle trying to win over Mr. Menace.

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John Sciacca started a personal blog back in 2010 which dared to ask the hard questions like, “Huh?” and “Whaa?” all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. His blog likes to make new friends and would love to have you over for some caramels. You can follow John Sciacca on Twitter @sciaccatweets  and at his personal blog


My latest article on – Wishes and Wants: A Holiday Tech List

Wishes & Wants: A Holiday Tech List By Christopher Neto

It’s that time of year again when Halloween ends and December Begins.  Somehow November gets lost in the shuffle. Apparently November is “missing” from the calendars of every shopping mall and big box stores across America. Pumpkins are thrown out and quickly replaced by candy canes. By the time December 1st rolls around you’re up to your eyeballs in jingles, jangles, tinsel and enough Double A batteries to power a small village. Yes it’s the holiday season …Cue the fake snow and Fa La La’s!

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AV Helpdesk selected by Commercial Integrator Magazine as Consultant of the Year

Just received word that AV Helpdesk Inc. has been selected by Commercial Integrator as Consultant of the Year in their December 2012 issue.

You can view the December 2012 issue is  by subscribing to Commercial Integrator magazine by clicking the link or image below:

Check out Commercial Integrator’s article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation

Check out Craig MacCormack’s Article – Superstorm Sandy: Industry Reacts to Devastation.

Craig shares stories about Audiovisual industry members reaching out to those affected by Superstorm Sandy. I was one of the story contributors. Click the image Below to check out the article or visit Commercial Integrator’s website at


Check out AV Nation AVWeek Episode 65

AV Week’s guest panel discuss AV Helpdesk being on the cover of the November issue of Commercial Integrator magazine.

AV Nation’s AVWeek Episode 65

Host: Tim Albright (AVNation Founder) Guests: George Tucker of World Stage and Craig MacCormack of Commercial Integrator Magazine.

With President Obama winning re-election, what does that mean for AV?  AV Help Desk is on the cover of Commercial Integrator magazine. We talk with Craig MacCormack about what makes them special. Audinate has joined the Control Architecture Alliance. Where is Crestron and AMX? Finally, Julie Jacobson says TVs are the next big thing in residential AV.

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REDBAND: Scammed…Not on My watch! by John Sciacca

Scammed?! Not on my watch! by John Sciacca

Long time readers may recall our rather unceremonious parting of the ways with They Who Shall Not Be Named. Well, part of the fall-out of said ways parting was that we were left with quite a bit of inventory for which we were no longer a dealer. We’ve decided to get proactive in trying to clear out this old gear and have been advertising it on some Internet sites including Craig’s List.

(A quick Craig’s List FYI: apparently anyone for any reason can decide that your ad violates some nebulous terms and agreements; flag your ad and then it is removed for literally no reason. There seems to be no recourse for this and no one responds when you send a follow-up, “WHAT THE HELL?!?” message. We posted about 20 ads and had like 15 of them promptly flagged and removed. You have no way of knowing by whom or for what reason. The old adage is true…you get what you pay for. (That adage makes more sense when you realize that Craig’s List is a free service…

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John Sciacca started a personal blog back in 2010 which dared to ask the hard questions like, “Huh?” and “Whaa?” all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. His blog likes to make new friends and would love to have you over for some caramels. You can follow John Sciacca on Twitter @sciaccatweets  and at his personal blog

Check out the November 2012 Edition of AV Technology Magazine!

November/December Issue of AV Technology Magazine.

I was interviewed for the article “Ten Tips for First Time Tech Managers” By writer James Careless. Click the image below to view the article and subscribe to AV Technology Magazine. I will forward the weblink once the article becomes available online.

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Its been a wild and crazy month and I have a few more surprises in the works!

I can’t say it enough…THANK YOU! so much for visiting the site. I am truly blessed to be part of a great industry and part of an outstanding community of AV professionals.

Stay tuned for more….



Check it out: “Advanced Planning and AV Assist in Sandy Aftermath” By Kirsten Nelson

“Advanced Planning and AV Assist in Sandy Aftermath” By Kirsten Nelson

I was recently interviewed by Systems Contractor News (Lindsey Adler contributed to this report) for this article.
As a resident of Monmouth County NJ I witnessed the fury of  Hurricane Sandy but walked away without any major damage. There are thousands of people who were not that fortunate. Here is a direct link to the article and how the AV community was affected:

Check out my latest Article in Corporate TechDecisions

All-in-One Digital Solutions for Tech Managers

One way to have both analog and digital in your A/V world.

By Christopher Neto CTS

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