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This one is new to me… I have never seen, or just never noticed, the good, better, best designation on HDTV’s.


Check out this month’s edition of InAVate Magazine

January/February 2013 InAVate Magazine

This month I am in InAVate Magazine. I was interviewed by Anna Mitchell for the article “Beauty with Brains”. The feature is on Page 32 of the magazine. You can read the article by following the either of the links below. One will take you to InAVate’s website while the other will take you to the Active Magazine Subscriber site. Check it out and let me know what you think?

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InAVate Magazine Jan2012



REDBAND: 5 Reasons Why Discs Aren’t Quite Dead by John Sciacca

5 Reasons Why Discs Aren’t Quite Dead by John Sciacca

Electronics-industry pundits and consultants, along with futurists, have long been eager to declare disc-based media dead. Almost as quickly as a new format is announced, we’re quickly reassured, “This, surely, will be the last physical media format we see.”

And the digital writing is definitely on the wall. Streaming and downloading will be the future of audio/video distribution. There are just too many benefits to digital delivery over physical media, including the convenience to the user, the cost savings in manufacturing and shipping, and even the landfill savings by eliminating all the unnecessary packaging…

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John Sciacca started a personal blog back in 2010 which dared to ask the hard questions like, “Huh?” and “Whaa?” all written in a pithy, deliciously witty and uproarious manner. His blog likes to make new friends and would love to have you over for some caramels. You can follow John Sciacca on Twitter @sciaccatweets  and at his personal blog www.johnsciacca.webs.com


REDBAND : New Series and New Blogger

A friend and fellow AV professional recently took a contract to work in the country of Qatar. He packed his tools and personal belongings and moved out to Doha to provide AV services. For those not familiar with Qatar check it out here. Something of interest to note is that Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

We recently chatted via Skype about what its like to be away from home and especially the differences in cultures. In an instant conversation switched to technology. That lead to an idea  having him provide REDBAND with a look into technology from ” a regular American AV guys” point of View.

I’m happy to introduce O’Donnell to REDBAND and his “Stranger in a Strange Land” posts from Qatar.




Check out my latest Article on Corporate TD: A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology

My Latest Article for CorporateTD.

A CTS’s Perspective: Battling Hurricane Sandy With and Without Technology By Christopher Neto

We take for granted the conveniences of modern day life. We shuffle through our day checking voice mails, emails, texting and surfing the web. As audiovisual professionals our days are deeply layered with additional technology, such as videoconferencing, displays systems and control systems. Suffice to say we spend our days shepherding this technology. Our industry has made habit of evolving with trends and challenges. Similar to an undersized and overmatched fighter we have risen to the challenge and find a way to survive. On October 29th New York and New Jersey A/V professionals were formally introduced to a new opponent that would bring the fight into our businesses, homes and communities. That day we met “Sandy.”….

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Check out the new Podcast From AVNation…AVWEEK EPISODE 72: LIKE BUNNIES

Here is the Latest Podcast from AVNation. This week George Tucker, Todd Anthony Puma and I join host Tim Albright to talk about what’s happening in the AV industry.


Host: Tim Albright -AVNation Founder

Guests: George Tucker from World Stage, Chris Neto of AV Helpdesk, and Todd Anthony Puma from Source Home Theater.

“It seemed to be the year of the acquisition and the last couple of weeks has been no different. We kick around what the Microsoft purchase of id8 Group means, Barco getting Projection Design and Harman adding Martin. We talk about a survey by Commercial Integrator asking the question “what is your go-to product”. Some results may surprise you. We end the show by previewing CES 2013.”

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Check out the Latest Podcast from AVnation.tv . This weeks episode is their best of 2012.

Here is the Description:

“2012 has been a crazy year here at AVNation. We would like to take a moment and say thank you to you, the listener, for continuing to support our little podcast. We are not the biggest, but we strive to be among the best. You have done your part by listening every week and telling others about us. Thank you. As we take this week off to spend time with our families, enjoy these four or five of the best conversations we’ve had this year. From Crestron Executive Vice President Randy Klein, to Chris Neto of AV Helpdesk. We tackle Extron leaving the InfoComm show to 8K displays and Smart Buildings. Enjoy. Here’s to a great 2013.”

Here is the link to Episode 70: the Best of 2012 from AVnation.tv’s AV Week:



A Big Thanks to the AV Nation crew for having me on this year.



Let’s Help the Future #ProAV and #AVtweeps

Future AV

Hi Everyone. I’m Looking for some assistance. I received a call from a friend of mine in North Jersey who is a High School Principal .  His technology department is doing some great work in the field of Video. He asked if I knew of any Companies in NY and NJ area that have internship programs in the AV/broadcast/video industry.  If your company has an internship program please email me at chrisneto@msn.com or call me at 908-692-7130.

Let’s help the future of AV.

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Check out my Predictions for Tech Managers in 2013

Here is my latest article:


2013 Predictions for AV Technology Managers on Corporate TD


Thoughts? What’s your predictions for 2013?



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Updated Link: Commercial Integrator Consultant of the Year Article

Consultant of the Year: AV Helpdesk

“AV Helpdesk plucks positive aspects of design-build and puts them into bid-spec projects, while reminding the industry to focus on clients’ needs.”

Here is the weblink to the Commercial Integrator Article that appears in their December 2012 issue:




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