Thoughts on the a Mashable article: “Exclusive Look Inside the New Facebook HQ: You’ll Like This [PICS] By: Chris Taylor”

This morning I read this great  Mashable article on the new Facebook  HQ. I’m really intrigued by the “New Corporate” way as someone who has worked in a Corporate enviroment or has interacted with Large corporation most of my career:

Posted On Mashable on 4/7/12:

Exclusive Look Inside the New Facebook HQ: You’ll Like This [PICS]

By: Chris Taylor

Take a look and tell me what you think? I personally saw some nice use of technology.  What really stuck with me is the  underlying theme of a company wanting to be  un-corporate . The Irony of the sun systems sign, the choice of conference room names, the art and the attitude are all very interesting to me and unheard of in traditional Corporate environments.  My question is how many companies can shift to this mentality and style? Or is this reserved for relatively young start-up companies. These are companies where technology is not a privilege , Casual is not just Friday and where “Out of the box”  is not a company direction its implied in everything you do. What are you thoughts?


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