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“The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

“The only thing constant in life is change.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

Three years ago REDBAND was formed as a home for the unique voices in the AV industry to publish work and ideas that might not have been accepted by traditional media and publications.  REDBAND became the platform to push the envelope past the comfort zone of those publications and to challenge the status quo in every possible way. To date, the group has been successful in doing just that.  How can we tell? We saw the changes happening right in front of our eyes.

Within a few months of forming REDBAND, our members became guests on AVNation’s AVWeek podcast which led to calls from other shows. As members of the collective continued to write and appear regularly on AVNation’s network of industry shows, the publications started to take notice. The unrelenting work and hard edge style of REDBAND began to crack the armor of the traditionalists, many of which were on the lookout for just such voices.  The result? Several members of our group received the call to write for industry publications with 6 of them recently receiving the honor of being placed on Commercial Integrator’s 40 most influential AV Professionals under 40. Many of you reading this may be thinking “That sucks, you’re losing your writers.” The fact is we were evolving while still keeping our edge.

The REDBAND crew all work and operate on a volunteer basis. All the blogs you have read, enjoyed, or argued with were written and shared using REDBAND as a platform to help the message reach beyond that of the individual. There is a huge sense of pride and accomplishment to see our group of friends appear in the various media outlets.

The use of the word “friends” was not by accident. We all have a great amount of mutual respect for one another that carries well beyond our working relationships, with Infocomm 2014 being the prime example. Regardless of what our Infocomm show commitments were during the day we always found a way to get together in the evenings. Some of the best ideas, challenges, and discussions came from the afterhours get-togethers. One of those ideas quickly evolved at a pace that we could not have foreseen and has led us to the point where the following announcement was necessary.

It is a crowded landscape in the world of audio visual media content. While the individual members of the collective have gained support for their work and ideas, the majority of that recognition has taken place through avenues beyond just the REDBAND site. It is with that in mind that, together, the REDBAND crew has decided that it can no longer continue to operate in its current capacity and it is time for all the members of the group to evolve and move on to the next phase. Our last event as REDBAND will take place at CEDIA 2014 with AV Nation in support of their efforts covering the expo and the #AVselfie video.

There is nothing but gratitude for the supporters and followers of what we at REDBAND have been able to accomplish since we started. We look forward to the chance to share new ideas with you in the future as we explore some exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us. With that in mind, we will pull our final words from Winston Churchill, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Thank you again so much for all your support. It’s been a great ride.



An Open Letter of Thanks


Earlier this week I received word that I had been nominated by my industry peers and selected by Commercial Integrator as part of the Top 40 CI Influencers Under 40. I am both humbled and grateful to receive this honor. As part of my online network of Friends, Family, Co-workers and Industry professionals I would like to express my sincerest thanks for helping me achieve this honor. Without you’re help this would have not been possible.

Thank you again for being part of my journey and I look forward to what the future holds.



Here is a link to the Commercial Integrator article:

REDBAND Radio: Drunk Unkles and the NSCA Education Foundation Live from Infocomm 2014

This Episode REDBAND Radio talks with Chuck Wilson of NSCA and Steve Emspak about the Drunk Unkles benefit concert for the NSCA Education Foundation and the history of the Drunk Unkles.

Host: Chris Neto, AVShout & REDBAND Founder

Chuck Wilson of NSCA and Steve Emspak of the Drunk Unkles

Record Date:

Running time: 17:59

Click the Link Below (audio only):

Click Here for more info on the NSCA Education Foundation:

REDBAND Radio: Net Neutrality – Live From Infocomm 14

REDBAND Blogger Josh Srago of and ICS Integrated Communication Systems, sits down with Robb Woods of Blue Jeans, Simon Dudley of Lifesize, and Bob Romano of Avaya to discuss what exactly the debate over Net Neutrality is and how the proposed FCC rules could impact the AV industry, business communications, personal internet habits, and how you can voice your opinion to the FCC.”

Recorded:  June 18th, 2014


Josh Srago – RedBand Radio

The #AVselfie Music Video debuted at Infocomm 2014

Thanks to everyone for participating! And a Special thanks to Phillip Cordell for turning it into a song.


REDBAND Radio: Infocomm 2014 Cable Challenge

REDBAND Radio: Infocomm 2014 Cable Challenge

Redband Radio and AVNation teamed up to test a number of cables transporting HDBaseT. The magic number is less than 1 bits lost per billion.

Running time: 22:28

Hosted by Chris Neto

Check out the video and see how important upgrading your existing infrastructure cabling can affect your move into 4k video.


The #AVSelfie Song’s Music Video To Debut at #Infocomm14 along with a Grand Prize

AVnation and REDBAND will debut Phillip Cordell’s #AVSelfie Parody video at Infocomm 2014 on the Show Floor Friday June 20th.

As part of the #AVselfie  we not only created the Song but we have a Music Video to debut and you can be part of it. All the Pictures collected from the show Attendees using the Hashtag #AVselfie at #infocomm14 will be try to be  incorporated into the Music Video which will debut at 12pm local time on the Show Floor in 3 Locations:

  • 12pm  at the Crestron Booth
  • 12:30pm at the  Delta Displays Booth
  • 1pm at the  Kramer Electronics Booth

Not only will you have a chance to make it into the video, but everyone who uses the #avselfie video is eligible to Win an ASK Proxima Projector provided by ASK Proxima. The  winner will be randomly selected on Friday. In short

Snap an #AVSelfie pic while listening to the #AVSelfie Song, Tag your photo with the #AVselfie Hashtag and get a chance to make the Music Video and Win a New ASK Proxima projector!

Have Fun, be Creative, Become a Star and Watch it on your new projector at home.

Thanks again for all the great posts we’ve seen so far and the show hasn’t even begun!





Here is the #AVSelfie Song for all the #avtweeps to hear! #infocomm14


The #AVselfie Song was parodied by: Phillip “HiPhi” Cordell and you can see his work at:

Great Job!


Here is the song that inspired the parody.

Exclusive: REDBAND Bloggers Are Taking the Net Neutrality Discussion to Infocomm 2014


Live June 18th from the Infocomm 2014 Show


Next Wednesday 6/18 at InfoComm 2014 REDBAND Blogger Josh Srago, of and ICS Integrated Communication Systems, will be hosting the exclusive REDBAND Radio discussion on Net Neutrality taking place at the Infocomm 2014 show.  Joining him will be Robb Woods of Blue Jeans, Simon Dudley of Lifesize, and Bob Romano of Avaya, with the possibility of some additional special guests.  Tune in Live on YouTube from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, or check it out later as we examine what the currently proposed FCC Net Neutrality rules are, clarify Section 706 vs. Title II, and examine the impact of the FCC’s proposed rules for Net Neutrality mean to the AV industry.

This is a vital issue when it comes to AV/IT convergence Unified Communication & Collaboration and it’s time the AV industry stood up, took notice, and made our voices heard.  Keep following me for updates.

If this is something you’d like to discuss with Josh at the show you can see his schedule for InfoComm 2014 here: (Link will be Live on 6/16) or you can email me at


What Is an #AVselfie and How do I use it at #infocomm14?


Infocomm 2014 started months ago for me and the group of bloggers that write for REDBAND. While working on ideas for the show to make it more fun and interactive for the attendees we came up with the AV Selfie idea.

Those not familiar with what a “selfie” is should know that it’s simply a picture taken “By you-Of you” using a mobile phone. The premise of an AV Selfie is the same. Infocomm attendees and manufactures simply take “selfies” of themselves while at the show.  Here are some ideas for your #AVselfie:

  • Take pictures while visiting booths
  • Take an #AVselfie with your favorite new product, Product Rep. or Coworkers.
  • Manufacturers can take the #AVselfie in front of their Logo, booth or products
  • Take #AVselfie of your journey to Infocomm from the Airport to the show floor.
  • Take an #AVselfie at parties and events. Show what others are missing out on.

Once you have the picture taken post it to twitter, google+ and Instagram using the Hashtag: #AVselfie. We will find it using the hashtag and repost the pics on the Redband and AVNation website and/or retweet the pics for #AVtweeps and others to see. Your pics will help fuel the buzz about the InfoComm show, the companies, events and the products you see. The #avselfie will also help the social side of our industry and all the great people involved.

So have fun with your #AVselfie pics and be creative. Your #AVselfie will show how Infocomm extends beyond the show floor and the technology. It will also be a great way to show you, your company and products at “The” AV technology Show.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you at the show.


PS…There are a couple more surprises planned for the #AVselfie that will be announced closer to the show to help inspire you to take great #AVselfie pics.


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