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Last June I was fortunate to have been selected by my A/V peers as an NSCA Industry Mover and Shaker. While at InfoComm, I received a shiny plaque I prominently hung in my home office between my college diploma and an inspirational picture of Darth Vader. I also received a complimentary entry to the NSCA annual Business & Leadership Conference in February 2013.

I have to admit conferences were never a source of excitement for me. They come with stigmas in my opinion. You anticipate monotonous slides, or you may feel sensory overload from hyper presenters who think they are funny. And don’t get me started on being asked to fall back into a stranger’s arms as part of a trust exercise.

So now that I have completely stereotyped every bad conference I’ve ever attended, at least I have been honest about my mindset heading into the NSCA Business & Leadership Conference…

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