Infocomm Webinar May 31st at 1pm EST: “How to Make the Most of InfoComm 2012″

How to Make the Most of InfoComm 2012

May 31, 2012



1 p.m. EST (New York)

Whether you are a first time attendee at InfoComm 2012 or you need a show refresher, please join us for an informative webinar on How to Make the Most if InfoComm 2012. Duffy Wilbert, Senior Vice President Member Services, will give you all the tips and info you need to make your experience at InfoComm 2012 a success. This hour long orientation will help you maximize your time on the show floor with tips on how to navigate the floor and advice on the latest must see technologies. You’ll also get valuable information on registration, hotels, shuttles, education, networking and special events, and much more.

Presenter: Duffy Wilbert,
Sr. Vice President, Member Services
Executive Director, ICIF



5 Things you may not know about me…

The Early Years before Digital Killed Analog.

Over the last couple months I have been writing articles and blogs that are 100% focused on AV technology. After speaking with a good friend about my blog he asked if I had connected with the readers. I thought about it and I guess I have interacted with regularly with blog followers and the #AVtweeps on twitter, email, etc.  But he was right i never shared much info on what makes me who I am today. So here it is:

5 Things you may that you may not know about me
  1. I speak 3 three languages Fluently – Portuguese, Spanish and English. My Parents taught me to speak Portuguese as a kid. Entering Preschool I picked up English watching Sesame Street and school.
  2. Prior to my career in AV I had hopes to be an artist. The dream job would have been to work in the superhero comic book industry. Throughout High School and my freshman year in college I was an art student but that changed once I discovered Broadcast & Radio. I found a new outlet to be creative. I still pull out the pen & ink when the creative juices are flowing.
  3. Like most in the audiovisual industry I also come from a music background. Throughout college, when I was not interning or work as a pizza man, I worked the nite club scene as a DJ. I was the resident DJ on campus at William Paterson University and I worked the Jersey Shore club scene before its recent claim to fame on TV.
  4. My senior year in College I did an internship with the New York Giants Football team. Unlike some other “coffee and photocopy” internships this one gave me and the other 2 video interns the opportunity to learn Video with the team’s video department. This was not the broadcast side of Video; I worked for the in house video staff that shot game footage for the teams’ film study and game preparation. Specifically we shot drills during practice, physically ran thermal prints during games and traveled with the team from training camp to the playoffs. This was not only a great learning experience but as a fan it was a dream come true.
  5. I am a techie at heart but a hobby of mine are Beach Cruiser bicycles. Some may know the beach cruiser style as the old single speed Schwinn or as Pee Wee ‘s Big Adventure bike. I’d love to rehab an old bicycle someday but currently I have purchased 2 new style single speed cruisers. One of my is a Marin Bike while the other is by Electra Bicycle Co. I have only done some simple modifications to both bike but I love the way they look and they have awesome comfortable ride. Eventually I will find the old rehab bike or maybe just build one from scratch.

By the way if the bikes go missing I’ll be sure to check the basement of the Alamo.

If I haven’t said it before i will say it now…  I truley appreciate everyone who has stopped by and  visited the site!



New… now has a gear store.

Just added a Store to sell AV Shout Gear. Check out the homepage or follow the link below:

Baseball Jersey

AVShout Shop - Baseball T-Shirt

Thanks again for visiting the site !